In Order To Sell Sichuan’s High Quality Bulk Tea To The International Market, Make Effective Use Of Tea Resources, Increase The Tea Farmers’ Income, And Further Enhance Yibin’s Popularity And Reputation Through Exports.

Sichuan Liquor & Tea Group And Yibin Shuangxing Tea Industry Co., Ltd Jointly Invested 10 Million Rmb To Establish Sichuan Yibin Tea Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd In November 2020. Sichuan Liquor & Tea Group Invested 60%, Yibin Shuangxing Tea Industry Co., Ltd Invested 40%.



The company focus on tea planting, production,
processing for more than 35 years.


  • Tea cold brewing method.

    As the pace of people’s lives accelerates, a tea-drinking method that breaks through the tradition-the “cold brewing method” has become popular, especially in summer, more and more people use the “cold brewing method” to make tea, which is not only convenient, but also Ref...

  • Moroccan tea drinking customs

    Most of China green tea is exported to Morocco. Morocco has a dry summer and is not suitable for growing tea, but it is rich in mint. The locals combined chunmee green tea and mint to invent mint tea. The coolness of mint neutralizes the bitterness of tea, which can cool the lungs, remove greas...

  • The latest data on China’s tea imports and exports from January to February 2021

    According to China Customs statistics, in January to February 2021, China’s tea imports totaled 8,613 tons, with a total import value of 34.355 million U.S. dollars. From January to February, the cumulative export volume of Chinese tea was 48,198 tons, and the cumulative export value was 27...